Rollout Piano Mp3 Player – The Future Of Portability Is Rad!

I think I’ve just seen one of the coolest things this week or even this month. Going on writer trips will be changed forever with this little gadget (writer trips are a common endeavor where writers go around the world writing with different song writers). Before, you had to bring a small midi keyboard, your Macbook and an external hard drive in order to get a good little session going. Then, on top of that, you needed a little mic, a sequencer and a bunch of other stuff. It’s somewhat like bringing your whole studio with you just to write a little, but you do tend to concentrate on writing with people that own a studio so you don’t have to bring all your gear with you.

However, that is the old way of doing it. At least if you’re asking designer Jia Peng. Coming up with a truly portable (for once) midi keyboard is no easy task, but this one is awesomely conceptualized. With a slim film which you roll out just like a papyrus roll of paper, you will be able to record your stuff straight into your… uh… mp3 player. Yeah, I know! The step towards a midi keyboard with the same design isn’t too far away though.

I am sure this little gadget will be huge among the kids of today. They can just roll out the keyboard and show their friends what they can do. Wouldn’t it be cool to just slug this little gadget out on your first date… and just woo your date with a piece of music and song? It doesn’t get more geeky than that.