Running Accessory Enables Reading While Running

Technology is wonderful and all, but it still has limitations that we haven’t been able to solve just yet. For example, when we’re out running, there is little we can do other than to stop in order to read our text messages. I can’t think of any innovation that has tackled this annoyance, so it’s with a little bit of excitement that I am looking into what the people over at Weartrons have been able to bring into reality with their new running accessory.

Let’s get straight to it, the running accessory I’m writing about is a device called Run-n-Read. It was developed to help active people more easily manage their messages, emails and whatever else they want to read on their mobile device while they are being active. The device is actually a clip-on device that you attach to your headband or shirt, and it records and monitors your head movements in realtime.

It then translates the movements and wirelessly transmits them over to your mobile device, which mimics the movements and makes the screen on your mobile device move in sync with your movements. This ultimately enables the user to read whatever he or she is reading on the screen. The device is generally meant for people on treadmills, stairmasters and exercise bikes, but I can imagine it would work even when you’re out running freestyle.

The little clip-on device also enables the wearer to turn the pages of an e-book by tapping it. The device can also be set to count the number of steps and calories you’ve burned. The device, crowdfunded and marketed by Dragon Innovations, can be pre-ordered for $55 on Dragon Innovation’s platform, but the product won’t be shipping until January 2014. This running accessory is a formidable addition to the gadget park that is available for active people today. Whether it will be a success remains to be seen, but it certainly is a useful and exciting piece of technology.

Weartrons’ Run-n-Read Running Accessory

Reading While Running Accessory

Reading While Running Accessory

Reading While Running Accessory

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