Ryno: The Monowheel Motorcycle Is Here!

The means we use to get our butts around is of course all different. Some people decide to take the bus or the train in the morning, while other people take their car or even their motorcycle. Some choose the more healthy approach and walk, or they take their bicycle wherever they go. There has long been a buzzing group of people out there who say we will soon have flying cars, mag wheel taxis, and even monowheel motorcycles that we’ll use to haul ourselves around. I believe it will still be some time before we’ll ever see a flying personal car or even mag wheel cabs driving or flying around in our society.

However, when it comes to the monowheel motorcycle, that is a whole different story. The people over at Ryno Motors are doing some crazy stuff, and they are just about to drop a bomb on us. They have actually announced that they will soon introduce the Ryno, a monowheel motorcycle that you will be able to get for around $4,200. It’s pretty much the same technology that’s behind the Segway; however, this time around we’re talking about some serious horsepower behind the driving.

I don’t really know on what leg to stand since I truly think this badboy is everything but boring and ordinary. Quite frankly, it’s awesome looking, and I think most people would agree. However, when I see someone driving that thing it looks… well, nothing short of ridiculous really. It would have been awesome if they could have adjusted the technology a bit to pivot the driver a little forward so that it at least looks cool to drive this awesome thing. Still, would you go for the ordinary motorcycle or give this thing a chance and try it out? The price is certainly not a problem.

Ryno Mono Wheel Motorcycle Design

Ryno Mono Wheel Motorcycle Design