Samsung Announces Environmentally Friendly Origami Printer

Top technology developers have always tried to make their products more environmentally friendly in order to make them even more appealing to their customers. Of course, it’s an always present agenda pushed by governments all over the world. Some go far and beyond in order to give our beautiful blue planet a better chance to recoup from the constant human pollution. Samsung in particular has been on the forefront, and they recently presented their new origami printer.

It might sound weird, but their approach is quite interesting and will definitely save our planet the hassle of having to deal with more landfills. The printer that Samsung presented consists of a box of corrugated cardboard, and it is simply called Origami Printer. The printer may seem like a desperate way to push the environmentally friendly aspect into their own developing process, but the concept prototype is quite genius. Most of the origami printer is disposable, and it is perfect if you want to fold up your printer and stow it away somewhere when you are moving, traveling or simply don’t need to use it.

Samsung also has two other environmentally friendly printers in the works called the Clip and the Mate, which were recently revealed by Wired. The origami printer though is made of 100% recyclable material, and it has gotten its name from the very fact that it folds up just like an origami printer. So far there is no price set on the origami printer (or the Clip or Mate), and there is no release date yet. If you want more information about the origami printer or one of the other two printers in the works, have a look at the intriguing video below.

Whether or not this is going to become a success is entirely up to consumers. When environmentally friendly food was announced, people said it wouldn’t be able to compete with ordinary produce because of the price increase, but history has proven that to be false. So I keep thinking this could actually become a success as well if we all start thinking a little bit more about our planet’s future. There’s no doubt the origami printer is a step away from ordinary printers that we are used to, and it could show to be quite a good investment and incentive for your customers to keep doing business with you since you are considerate enough to preserve our wonderful planet.

Samsung’s Environmentally Friendly Origami Printer



Via: [psfk]