Scare Tools: The Most Important Halloween Props Ever!

We’re heading on a collision course with the date we all know as Halloween. It’s one of the most anticipated events during this time of year, and it gets more and more popular around the world with each year that passes. It’s a chance to scare the shizzles out of everyone and get away with it. Usually it means just dressing up like a weird character that we have seen in some scary movie, or just dressing up. Yeah, some people like that better than actually get something scary going. Don’t ask me why…

There is, of course, an important ingredient that some people don’t spend too much time on and that’s a shame really. There are so many possibilities that you can explore to really make a lasting impression, at least when it comes to scaring someone. There is even a prop that you can get to make that sudden impression last even longer.

That gadget comes from the awesome mind behind Shot In The Dark. They create scare tools that are out of this world. How about “ClownCrazy,” “MasterBlaster,” or “Smackyomama.” What are they? Well, if you picture a few horns, some car lights, a generator and a trigger button, then you’re pretty close. Push the trigger when hiding in the dark, and you will be the star of the evening. Dress up like a maniac and your scare will linger on in the memories of your victims forever and ever. However, don’t think it won’t cost you though. These babies sell for $275-$500, but if that won’t keep you from making a memorable Halloween, then I suggest you act upon that wicked mind of yours. Get scary and make it a thriller!