Now You Can Message Scents With The iPhone Scent Spray Accessory

If you think about it, is there any accessory that you feel is missing for a smartphone? I’m of course referring to real accessories. There are a landslide of iPhone accessories on the market for example, but there is still innovation to be done in order to push the envelope forward. That is somewhat what ChatPerf, a Japanese company, has done with their Scentee iPhone accessory which allows you to send scented messages with the help of a new scent spray add-on device.

This scent spray device can be loaded with various scents, and it is triggered by a message from a particular person. As in the example given in the video, you can send your friend who is beyond tired a refreshing or relaxing scent. So far, the scent spray accessory is just a prototype, but when it’s released on the market in September, there will be various games and social content created just for it. There is even an SDK that will enable you to develop your very own scented spray applications and features.

The Scentee device comes along just as 4D cinemas are being introduced into the world. It’s an interesting concept that could very well catch on and become a cool little gimmick before it spreads to a more commercial accessory and feature. The way it usually works, and the way the scent spray device will probably also become popular, is when third party developers embrace the system and create their own scent spray devices.

At the time of launch, there will be various tanks available for customers to load into their scent spray devices. Depending on what you want to be notified about, the app will probably be smart enough to allow the person sending you the scent push notification exactly what scents you have loaded at the moment he or she wants to send you a scent spray message. This could have huge potential if done right – not to mention what it could do to your average mobile movie experience.

ChatPerf’s Scentee Scent Spray iPhone Accessory

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