Screw Your Workstation – Get A Cockpit Style Workstation Instead

Are you tired of your bleak and ordinary workstation setup? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Too many people keep on working from their ordinary desks, and they keep it… well boring. If you really think about it, what good is coming from sitting hour after hour in front of your computer trying to do your work without that inspirational environment that could boost your creativity to another level? Nothing really. You should really start thinking about switching to a more creative environment or you’ll probably lose out on all those good ideas that won’t come until you do.

Originally created for CAD designers, the cockpit styled workstation cubicle dates back as far as the 90s. It was constructed to make sure there are minimum distractions from reflective areas around the designer and yet it still lets plenty of natural light in. Of course, it also gives the designer a pleasant and nice privacy cocoon to embrace his or her creativity.

Well the Clipper CS-1 is a unique enhancement of that and lets the designer get immersed in his work without outside distractions. You can completely close yourself inside the cockpit styled workstation cubicle and work as if your life depended on it. Designed by by Douglas Ball and Jeff Sokalski, the cocoon office is sure to make your workstation become inspirational as well as unique. The price is not yet set, but I am sure you can get one if you contact one of these highly futuristic office enhancers. So, don’t hang around your old, boring desk. Get into the future and let your work speak for itself. Creativity comes from inspiration and inspiration is all around you… if you make sure it is.