SecretInk: Send Emails That Automatically Self-Destructs When Read

There are a lot of features and gadgets in the world that make you feel a little bit like James Bond, but none of them are as mysterious as the self-destructing message that we sometimes see in movies. It usually is a task of some sort that a secret agent has gotten and to clean up any trails it self-destructs after a certain time. It’s all fantasy of course or is it? A recently launched service called SecretInk enables you to send messages that go poof after they have been read.

Yes, it is actually true! It is a neat trick that has everything to do with some clever hacking. You can actually send both emails and SMS messages with SecretInk, which of course can come in handy if you’re a secret agent or if you send a message to someone and you want to cover up your tracks.

So what is going on and how is it possible to achieve this? My guess is that as the email and the SMS are hosted on the server, which it is sent from makes it easy to delete. This means that the message that you will receive is not actually sent to you. Instead, a link is sent which opens up the SecretInk email or SMS in a browser. After a certain amount of time, the server deletes it and can no longer be linked to or read. Sometimes it just doesn’t have to be trickier than this.

The SecretInk service is free, and you can send a message to anyone. You can even add your own reply address, but of course that is optional as this is for secret agents that don’t want anyone to find them out, right? I am pretty sure there are other services just like this on the Internet, but this is by far the most lightweight one to my knowledge. I mean you don’t have to register or login. All you need to do is to write your message and send it. That is pretty much all you will need to do in order to feel like “double-oh-seven”.

SecretInk should not be used for sending troll or harassment emails, or SMS messages as I am pretty sure this is penalized and reported to the appropriate government agency. Be kind on the Internet and it will be returned to you.

SecretInk Self-Destruct Email Service

SecretInk Self-Destruct Email

SecretInk Self-Destruct Email

SecretInk Self-Destruct Email