See-Through Overtaking Assistance System Makes Vehicles Transparent

If you drive a car, you know exactly how dangerous it can be to overtake a large vehicle. As a matter of fact, there are more accidents happening overtaking large vehicles than when overtaking small vehicles. This is something that drivers have long complained about and not much has been done. So far there has not been a solution to this, well until now that is. A new see-through overtaking assistance system could revolutionize the auto safety industry.

With heads-up windshield displays making their way into our cars, the see-through system, is definitely one of the first features that is going to be implemented, I don’t doubt that at all. The progression in wireless image transfer speeds has increased the speed to a point where sending video wirelessly between vehicles has become almost latency free. This has definitely been one of the predominant reasons why this see-through overtaking assistance system has been possible to develop.

It’s quite a simple solution when the technology is there. In the future, all large vehicles (or all vehicles) will be fitted with a front facing camera which is fed into a computer that can wirelessly transmit the video feed to anything with a receiver and is within the required range. This means that when you drive up behind a large vehicle equipped with this system, your heads-up windshield display will automatically start showing you what’s in front of the large vehicle in front of you.

This ultimately makes it super secure and makes you aware of all traffic that is heading your way but is not within your immediate view field. Once the heads-up windshield display shows you that the coast is clear you can start overtaking the large vehicle in front of you. It’s a remarkable system that with a little bit of tinkering could be the ultimate solution to the dangerous problem of overtaking large vehicles. Have a look at the video below and marvel over what technology is capable of if implemented right – The see-through overtaking assistance system is developed by Virtual Windshield.

See-Through Overtaking Assistance System

See-Through Overtaking Asstiance

See-Through Overtaking Asstiance

See-Through Overtaking Asstiance