Smart Goggles From Sensics Is A Gaming Computer In A Helmet

We have a computer in our pockets (smartphones), soon we’ll have one on our arms (smartwatch) and one on our heads (Google Glass), so why not get one built into a helmet too, right? Back in the ’90s, virtual reality tried to make it big with a bunch of sci-fi movies depicting a world where people were wired in, and they always spent their time in a virtual world. Sensics recently announced their new product, which is possibly the next gen virtual reality accessory. It’s called Smart Goggles.

As history shows and as we all know, virtual reality never made it big back in the ’90s. There are many reasons why, but it’s mainly because it didn’t have a real use for the average person. It was cool and all, but none of its features really made an impact on our lives. So why is there suddenly a resurgence in virtual reality? It could be because computers in general are so much more powerful today, and they can be incorporated into pretty much anything.

If we take our smartphones, smartwatches and heads-up displays for example, they are powerful compact computers that can perform impressive tasks, yet they are housed in a device that is small enough to fit comfortably in our pockets, on our arms or as a pair of regular glasses. That is where these Smart Goggles fall short. The impressively science fiction like virtual reality helmet make it almost cool to wear it, but it is, in my own humble opinion, way to bulky to make sense in a world where everything seems to be created and innovated to fit snugly onto our own person.

Let’s talk about the specs for a second. These Sensics Smart Googles are first off smart, but in what way? The specs can be rounded up as follows: The Sensics Smart Googles run on Android 4.0 locally and have full stereo, full 3D, and fully immersive 360 degree world capabilities. It has an embedded 1.2 GHz processor, which drives the multiple sensors and cameras on the front of the helmet, which track your hand movements and make it the ultimate accessory for first person applications.

Wearing these Smart Goggles when gaming could potentially make you completely immersed in the virtual environment you are entering. You’d still being able to use your hands as if your were operating in the real world. The question is whether or not virtual reality is ever going to make it big. It seems people are too self-conscious to wear a bulky helmet just to enter a virtual world. But we know that can change if the social acceptance of bulky devices like this changes. Will it happen? What is your opinion?

Sensics’ Immersive Virtual Reality Smart Goggles

Virtual Reality Smart Goggles

Virtual Reality Smart Goggles

Virtual Reality Smart Goggles