Share and Sync Unlimited Quality Media

I came across an interesting tool that will allow you to view materials from their original source and also share them to family and friends.  Whether videos, pictures etc. Libox is Free and Simple way to Experience, Sync, and Share Unlimited Original Quality Media.

Libox aims to provide a service which is both free and limitless they developed a new approach to private file management and sharing. They started by designing a very simple and intuitive user experience for searching, viewing and sharing media (see video tour). They  continued by developing a unique technology to support this approach,  Libox uses a unique combination of P2P networking, Grid computing and Cloud computing.

Here are some of their basic FAQs to guide you.

How do I import my media?
Install Libox Desktop on your computer, login with your account, and click the “Import“ link (on the left). You’ll see a list of your hard drives and connected devices, just click the “All my media” which is the default media folder on your computer, or “Choose location…” if your media resides somewhere else.

How do I share stuff?
Just click the “Share
button, collect the stuff you want to share, click the “Forward” button and choose who you want to share with, add a message and hit “Send“.

Interested, check out their site and video video below.  FAQ.