Should I Wait For The 2022 Grand Cherokee?

One of the biggest questions when you’re buying a new car, especially as the end of the year approaches, is whether to wait a bit longer for the newest model year or to buy the current model year. There are often advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

While waiting for the absolute newest model year often requires extra patience and means you may have to deal with speculation about its features and design, those attributes could very well ensure a more comfortable and high-tech experience on the road. In other words, you’ll be confident you’re getting the latest and greatest from the automaker.

On the flip side, the newest model will likely be more expensive — and you’ll miss out on those year-end promotions dealerships tend to push to clear out their stock of the soon-to-be “last year” model.

Drivers who have had their eye on a Jeep Grand Cherokee may be debating this choice right now: Whether to sign the papers on a 2021 model or wait for the 2022 Grand Cherokee. Is the newest model worth the wait? Or can you get a worthwhile — and more economical — experience by opting for a ’21 model currently available? Keep reading to learn more.

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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Grand Cherokee

Whether or not it makes more sense to wait for the rollout of the newest Grand Cherokee or opt for a 2021 model depends on your answers to a few key questions meant to highlight the main differences between these two model years.

How Much Seating Do You Need?

One major differentiator between these two model years is the amount of seating offered. The 2021 Grand Cherokee L offered three rows capable of seating up to seven people — a welcome addition for Jeep enthusiasts who also have families and friends to transport. The 2022 model will be slightly shorter, facilitating two rows of seating.

The verdict: Family-minded drivers may want to take advantage of the larger 2021 L model for its extra seating. Drivers only needing two rows of seating may want to wait instead for the ’22 to drop.

Are You Interested In An Electric Hybrid Vehicle?

As Car and Driver reports, Jeep will “offer electrification” for the very first time with a plug-in hybrid 4Xe powertrain available for the 2022 Grand Cherokee. Non-hybrid models will more than likely share the same V6 or V8 engines available in the 2021 model year.

This means drivers interested in getting their hands on an electric hybrid vehicle should wait for the 2022 model to become available. On the flip side, drivers who are fine with the existing powertrain options can opt for what’s under the hood on the 2021 models rather than waiting as there shouldn’t be any major changes in this department.

2022 Grand Cherokee – Worth The Wait?

At the time of writing this article, more information is available about the existing 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee than the newest model, set to debut soon at the New York Auto Show. This means certain specifications have not yet been released to the public.

However, what we do know is that the 2021 Grand Cherokee L received a redesign that many experts believe will carry through to the 2022 model — particularly when it comes to the interior, like the Uconnect system and digital cluster display.

Assuming the interiors are relatively similar in terms of tech and design, this means drivers will largely need to make their decision based on how much seating they need in the cabin. The 2021 Grand Cherokee L only offers seven seats; the 2022 Grand Cherokee will streamline down to just two rows for five people instead. Additionally, the hybrid powertrain may give some drivers a valid reason to wait for the newest release.

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