Siri Update: How, When & What We Use Her For [Infographic]

Alright, so here we are, about a year after Siri’s incorporation into iOS 5. There’s no doubt have we seen a lot of spoofs and humor when it comes to Siri, and the smarter “she” gets, the more comedy we’ll see I guess. But since Siri was introduced, there hasn’t been too much said about this important feature of the iPhone. We use it, we abuse it, and we have our own thoughts about it. I am sure pretty much everyone who has an iPhone 4S or a later version has tried out the quite odd experience of talking to a device. We have asked it everything by now, wouldn’t you say? But how useful is this feature? Who is using it, and are their just positive reactions to it? I am sure Apple would want to say the responses have been all favorable, but that is not quite the true story when you have a look at this latest Siri update.

This information revolves around a poll that that the team beSerious conducted not too long ago, and it reveals the full truth. The team asked 661 users from 79 different countries about the Siri feature before they sat down and compiled the data they acquired. The result was a pretty interesting set of statistics that they further compiled into an infographic called The Use Of Siri.

It was said that Siri was to become our premium intelligent personal assistant housed in our smartphones; however, the statistics show that far from everyone is even using Siri, and even less use it to it’s full potential. As much as 44% feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed when they use it in public. Maybe this is just one of those hurdles we have to get over, somewhat like when we had to get used to speaking into a little cordless gadget at one point, or even speaking with headphones in our ears, which we all know sometimes looks like the person in question is completely whack.

This Siri update should tell us a whole lot about what we use Siri for. I don’t know if a statistical Siri update will help us get over the fact that it is a little bit weird to speak into a device in public, but it might shed some light on why we don’t hear about this feature so much. A statistical Siri update like this one helps us understand how and when we could use Siri which could possibly optimize our time a whole lot more.

The majority of people who use Siri said that they use this feature for reminders, calendar entries and alarms. In fourth place comes searching on the web. That’s an interesting task that we used Google for before. The statistics may be misleading since the total amount of percentages are over 100% in a many places, but I guess that could be because people have answered with multiple choices in each category. This Siri update is interesting nevertheless. What are you using Siri for? Does “she” have a place in your daily endeavors and of course, does this make you want to use it more?

beSerious’ Siri Update Infographic

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