Skizee: Turns A Skier Into A Bionic Snowmobile

Not too long ago, I wrote about a new way to go off road and people seemed to like the idea of finding alternate machines to travel on through the terrain.  Snowmobiling, skiing and biking are all pretty widespread, so to introduce new gadgets to play with is really a good idea.  If you’re used to being out in the wilderness and can’t wait for the snow to fall during the winters, then you are probably working on those skis while you are waiting for that white stuff to come down from the sky.  The wait can sometimes be unbearable, but usually it makes everyone happy.  A lot of people; however, are against motor driven vehicles in nature, while others happily rip up the terrain with them just to have fun.  I am somewhere in between.  I mean, fun is good but destruction is not, so how can you choose?

The newest and coolest gadget to hit the market is the Skizee, and it’s everything but boring, I tell you!  Alright, it might not be the most awesome gadget you have ever seen, but it’s definitely capable of turning your stay in the wilderness into a couple truckloads more fun.  How do you drive it?  Well, I have no frickin’ clue really.  From looking at the pictures, it’s quite evident that you’re faced forward and that the machine is pushing you along.  The video is evidence of that too actually.

My concern is that it doesn’t really have enough power or traction to push you up a hill.  From the video it seems it’s kind of wimpy when it comes to any degree of pushing something upwards instead of downwards.  Sure, it can give the rider a thrust on his way down, for sure, but uphill it doesn’t seem to be the super hero gadget we all want to have in our garage.  Cool, yes!  Powerful, maybe.

Snow Traction Engine Roller

Description of the Mechanics

Actual Use of Skizee Machine