When Smart Home Technology Meets The Transformers

In case you hadn’t noticed, the future is now. By 2018, you may have been hoping for flying cars and the like. For instance, the film ‘Blade Runner’ was set in 2019. So, you could be forgiven for expecting a bit more out of the future we’re living in but still, these are modern, crazy times.

If you’re not a technophile, then you may not be aware of a great deal of smart home technology, but most people are now aware of some of the tech you can get in your home these days. From games consoles to robot assistants to wearable tech. Some of these may not be that impressive to you, such is the times that we live in, but consider this…

The Apollo 11, the shuttle that took the first man to the moon, has less computing power than a Nintendo console, or even a modern washing machine. An iPhone has well over 1,000 times more processing power than the Apollo 11. In fact, did you know that the Apollo 11 has as much computing power as a modern pocket calculator!

Climadoor have been thinking about how this home technology could grow in the future by taking inspiration from everyone’s favorite rag-tag team of robots, The Transformers. They’ve taken some popular home technology and bought them to life, literally.

The service robot industry is expected to surpass 24 billion dollars by 2022, so is this really that much of a stretch or could this be a staple of the not so distant future?

Technology Transformers Alexa Sity Image


Alexatron is the femme robot that’s here to answer all your queries. She’s less concerned with fighting crime as she is helping you create shopping lists, listen to the music you love and sourcing recipes. She’s extremely clever and definitely doesn’t work for the CIA. With the addition of a wheel and arms, Alexatron can even help you to cook and take the bins out. Some may call it slavery, but Alexatron’s overlords aren’t complaining about all that data they’re getting on you.

Technology Transformers Apple Watch Situ Image


Chronos is set to usurp the Apple Smartwatch. Why have wearable tech when you can have sentient tech? Chronos is somewhat of a drill sergeant, barking out reminders and messages. He can also monitor your vital health signals and organize your schedule.

Technology Transformers Philips Hue Situ Image


Lightwave looks tough on the outside but is actually a big softy. Lightwave is teased by the other robots because all he does is control your lighting. But when they need a friend, it’s Lightwave they turn to. Whether you need some mellow ambiance to let it all out or a disco ball to dance the night away, Lightwave is there for you as the most empathetic robot of the lot.

Technology Transformers Nintendo Switch Situ Image


Nintendo decided to make their latest console sentient, and as a result, we have Switchblade. Feeling down? Switchblade will roll through and perk you up. He’s got a short attention span, loves adventure and can get a little feisty. Watch out for this one, though. His machine learning module means he tries to imitate other gamers and has been known to try and drink every Red Bull he can find. Lead by example, people.

Technology Transformers Fitbit Situ Image


Fitbot is a great companion to have when you’re on a health kick. Do not bring her out on cheat day, though. Her purpose is to make sure you‘re working out and she’ll track and analyse every step and movement you make. Try and order a pizza? She’ll jam the phone lines. If you’re the kind of person that, you know, actually enjoys physical exertion, then make sure Fitbot is part of your team. If you belong to the remaining 99%, do not engage this robot.

Technology Transformers Google Home Situ Image


The Google Home device evolved into Questor, a rambunctious brain box, he knows the answer to everything. He’s always competing for attention with Alexatron and if you put these two together, chaos will ensue. If you’re forming a team of home technology robots to help you in your day-to-day life, you need to make a choice between Questor and Alexatron. Whoever you don’t choose will turn evil and become your nemesis. Have fun!

Technology Transformers Nest Situ Image


Thermo is the next edition of the Nest Learning Thermostat. She pays attention to what you like and what you need and does her best to make sure you are at an optimum temperature. She’ll make sure you walk into a toasty home after a long day of work, will run you a hot bath and bring you your warmest socks on those winter mornings. Thermo is the only one who doesn’t tease Lightwave and listens to him when he’s down.

The future is here, and it is today. On a serious note, the future of robots in regards to humanity is a much-discussed topic and plenty of people share the same enthusiasm and/or crippling fear as you might do. Would you like a team of smart home transformers to help you with the cooking, cleaning and other menial life tasks, or do you think we’ve already gone too far?

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