Guy Creates Portable Pocket Consoles Out Of Every Retro Console

We love everything that has to do with portable gaming here at Bit Rebels. Whether it is the games on your smartphone, or complete upcycled consoles which have been miniaturized into pocket consoles. It’s all very exciting, and we have featured many of these things over the years. I think everyone remembers at least one console they played in the past, right? Well, a YouTuber by the name of GmanModz is creating portable consoles out of everything it seems.

The mods in themselves are actually commissioned builds that Gman (as we will call him from now on in this article), has been paid for. He has several videos of upcycled consoles on his YouTube channel, and I am sure if you want one as well then by all means get in contact with Gman, and I am sure he will be more than happy to put one together for you.

Gman isn’t exactly a noob when it comes to taking old and retro consoles and rebuilding them into portable ones. He’s been able to “portabalize” everything from Super Nintendo, PS2, Game Boy Advanced 64, Gamecube U, Nintendo N64 and a whole lot of other consoles. I was beyond impressed when I looked at what he had managed to put together, and almost all of them look amazingly good.

What each portable pocket console is priced at is hard to say, but for a portable Gamecube for example, he charges around $400.00, and I think it’s pretty fair considering what you will get for the price. I doubt there are many people walking around with these legendary consoles in their pockets and being able to bust one out and play the original games. These are rare pocket consoles and considering this, the price is quite cheap actually. Check out his latest portable pocket consoles and be impressed. Portable gaming doesn’t become more portable, geeky and of course retro than this. I can only wish that Santa will bring me a portable PS2 for Christmas. I think my record for the year has been on the positive side, no?

GmanModz Custom Portable Pocket Consoles

Custom Portable Pocket Consoles

Custom Portable Pocket Consoles

Custom Portable Pocket Consoles