Smart Ice Cubes Dance To Music & Keep You From Drinking Too Much

Have you ever been at a party and lost track of how many drinks you had? Did you wake up the next day with a pounding head and a dry mouth, wishing you had someone or something that would have stopped you before you accidentally overdid it? If you had these very smart ice cubes, you would have had the warning you needed at the time when you needed it most. These could be the smartest (and geekiest) ice cubes you’ll ever read about.

After experiencing an alcohol-induced blackout, designer Dhairya Dand who works at the MIT Media Lab created these smart ice cubes called Cheers. They keep track of how many drinks you’ve had and alert you when you need to slow down. As if that wasn’t enough, they also dance to the beat of the music.

These smart ice cubes, which are completely safe to put in your drink, have technology inside which causes the LED lights to light up and change colors depending on how many drinks you’ve had. As you see in the pictures below, it is a bit of a progression. The ice cubes glow green when you are on your first drink, orange when you are on your second, and red when you’re on your third, which signals you to slow down. If you ignore the warning and have a fourth drink, these incredibly smart ice cubes will text your friend to let that person know you may need help getting home.

If you are drinking slowly, it might not glow red until you are on your fifth, sixth or seventh drink (if you are at an all day party sipping them for many hours). It all depends on how fast you are drinking, which of course would affect your drunken state. The ice cubes themselves are made out of a jelly substance which is apparently waterproof, edible and delicious. You can watch the video to see them in action. These are brilliant for so many reasons!

Smart Ice Cubes That Got Your Back





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