Smart Smoke Detector Talks To You Instead Of Just Annoyingly Buzzing

The smoke detector I have in my house now looks the same as the one I remember from when I was a kid. However, there has been a lot of innovation recently when it comes to smoke detectors, and there are several ‘smart smoke detectors’ on the market right now. They are all a little different, but today I want to share the one that I’m most impressed with. It’s the Nest Protect smart smoke detector, and it could potentially change smoke detectors forever.

When you watch the video below, you’ll be blown away, especially if the smoke detector you have now is the kind that annoyingly buzzes whenever you’re cooking or lighting a bunch of candles. After you program the Next Protect, it will remember which room it’s in. If it detects smoke, carbon monoxide, or even if the batteries are low, it will simply speak to you in words. You can turn it off with a hand gesture 2 – 8 feet beneath it.

It also acts as a nightlight, and the color that glows signifies the danger/safe level. Combine all these features with the fact that it sends you mobile notifications, and you have quite a smart smoke detector. As in most of the newly released home gadgets these days, it allows you to almost engage with it, which is a harsh contrast to the now old fashioned smoke detectors we’re all familiar with.

Since the Nest Protect is wi-fi enabled, it can communicate with all the other smart smoke detectors in your home. In other words, you could potentially have three or four of these in your house, and they would all work in sync with each other to keep you safe. You can preorder one of these beauties on the Nest Protect website (linked above) for $129.

This Smart Smoke Detector Raises The Bar



Via: [Digital Trends]