Smartphone Controlled Smart Lock Digitizes Your Home Security

One of the most important aspects of your safety is your home security. Not only is it vital for you, but it also keeps your stuff safe when you’re not at home to look after it. There is no way to know when a thief will strike, and we’d do good in making sure they can’t break in, but that is not always easy. For a long time, people have fantasized about unlocking their door with their smartphones. By the looks of things, that is about to happen with a new smart lock.

There have been a few other concepts when it comes to this particular smartphone feature. A lot of people have wondered if it would be of any use or if it would complicate things too much. The argument is that it’s real easy to lose your smartphone, and then what? Well, it’s really easy to use your keys as well, so the argument is pretty much broken before it starts.

Then there is the thing about hackers. If a smart lock is controlled by your smartphone, then for sure hackers can hack your smart lock and gain access to your house, right? Well, that is what innovators are trying to patch up. There are several different approaches to the system, but a good encryption could make it virtually impossible for someone to break the code sequence and make their way inside your home. If you’re worried, you might want to go with a smart lock in addition to a traditional video door phone intercom system from an online site like Entry Vision.

This smart lock designed and innovated by Yves Bahar is a little bit different form the other concepts. Instead of switching out the lock entirely, it adds the smartphone connection device on top of the lock itself making it even more secure. It also has a bunch of useful features that could make it a huge success.

This particular smart lock can be set to unlock itself once your smartphone is within a pre-set range of the lock itself. Not only that, but you can send out invitations to your friends and loved ones to grant them access to your house within a certain time frame, which means you don’t have to be home before they can get into your house. It also keeps a log of every event that it carries out, which makes it a perfect addition to your home security. The August smart lock (as it is called) will go on the market for $199.00 later this year.

August Smartphone Smart Lock Innovation

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August Smartphone Smart Lock

August Smartphone Smart Lock

August Smartphone Smart Lock