Sony Launches Smartphone Snap-On Lens For Pro Photographers

Recently it was rumored that Sony was working on a camera snap-on lens that had its sensor and processor built into the lens itself. The result was a lens that can be fit onto pretty much any smartphone, which then turns your smartphone into a professional camera instantly. The rumors turned out to be true. Sony recently announced two models of their Cyber-shot lens which is most likely going to take instant photo submissions on social media to a whole new level.

The two Sony snap-on lenses are called Cyber-shot QX10 and Cyber-shot QX100. They are two completely different lenses for different purposes. The QX10 will be available for around $250.00, while the QX100 is said to be priced at around $500.00. So what are the differences, and why are there two different models?

Well, the QX100 snap-on lens has a 20MP CMOS sensor with Carl Zeiss optics, which makes it great for low light photography. On the other hand, the QX10 has a 19MP sensor with Sony G optics and 10x zoom. The two models both come with image stabilization, and they are each equipped with a battery that lasts for about 200 shots. Furthermore, the greatness of these two snap-on lens products is that they connect seamlessly to your smartphone. This means when you snap a photo, it instantly uploads the photo to your smartphone, which makes it available to manipulate or share on social media.

Another appealing feature of the QX10 and the QX100 snap-on lens is that due to their seamless connection to your smartphone, they make your smartphone work as a remote viewfinder. Basically what this means is that you can place the lenses wherever you want and snap a photo of yourself remotely. The snap-on lenses can of course also record video, which could make them one of the most popular smartphone accessories on the market. Have a look at this video demonstration of these quite impressive lenses and see the future unfold in front of you.

Sony QX10 & QX100 Snap-on Lens Cameras

Sony Snap-on Lens

Sony Snap-on Lens

Via: [iPhone Hacks]