Smartwatches vs Wristwatches – A Comparison Of Rivals?

For a long time, the wristwatch stood unopposed. People weren’t all that concerned with developing anything different from the already perfected formula, because it was such a staple of fashion. However, the world of smartphones is full of developing technology. People are obsessed with making sure that smartphones are as functional as possible, and this led to the rise of the Smartwatch.

As a device which pairs with a phone and replaces the conventional watch, it formed a fierce rivalry with the wristwatch. Sites like Tic Watches have been defending their corner for a long time now, so let’s take a look at both and see which watch is best.

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Wristwatch – Pros And Cons

First up, let’s take a look at the wristwatch. In terms of pros, it’s been a staple of the fashion industry for years. People have been forever pairing watches with outfits and seasons, giving you a truly versatile selection of options. Obviously, you’ve also got exclusive names on the watch like Armani, which really does convey a sense of class and sophistication. A watch is a very discreet item at the same time as being functional and can make you look more fashionable or more professional depending on what you pair it with.

However, it’s not without cons. The traditional looking watches are very basic, usually only just telling the time. More complex functions such as backlights, alarms, and stopwatches are reserved for more practical and often plastic watches. There’s no real versatility to them outside of telling the time.

The Smartwatch

Now we’ll take a look at the smartwatch. In regards to pros, it’s true that it does have a lot going for it. Obviously, they’ll come with a lot of applications preloaded and installed, and this makes for a very versatile and useful device. People want to be able to check their emails and texts while they’re on the go, and a smartwatch provides the option for this without having to look at your phone and take it out.

But, the smartwatch is far from perfect. It’s got a lot of different features, yes, but it’s also quite synthetic looking and often feels out of place on an outfit. It also lacks the style and brand name of a designer watch and therefore doesn’t always pair as well with an outfit. This can mean that it gets rejected in favor of a watch, simply because it’s not versatile enough.

Overall, there are merits to both choices, you can’t deny that the smartwatch can be a very helpful accessory. However, there’s a big group of people who lean towards wrist watches because they’re so versatile and adaptable.

At the end of the day, we want to look our best for the world around us. Wristwatches help to facilitate this, providing you with a fashionable and stylish look to add to your wardrobe. There are so many different options and choices available, which means that you have a design to work for almost any kind of look.

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