I’m Watch: The Underdog Android Smartwatch To Keep An Eye On

Alright, more and more smartwatches are slowly emerging out on the market, but are we focusing too much on the big brands? It is an intriguing question that I felt was necessary to investigate this morning.  As I had my morning tea, I decided to look deeper into this new technology trend and see if I could uncover smartwatches that could compete with the major brands. To my surprise I found several, one in particular called I’m Watch, it is an Android smartwatch.

I am really excited about this new technology trend, and I can’t wait for it to evolve even more. It is like when the first touchscreen smartphone was announced and released, it was merely a predecessor of the awesome technology that we are so use to today. The I’m Watch Android smartwatch is definitely something that we should keep an eye on. The interface and lightning fast touchscreen is one of the most appealing I have seen in a smartwatch so far.

The I’m Watch was recently demoed at MWC 2013, and as you can see when watching the video below, the Android smartwatch definitely has a chance to give Samsung’s Galaxy Gear a run for its money.

The I’m Watch Android smartwatch is a complete Italian product. It has features that are even standard in smartphones today. You can check messages, tweets and facebook updates, but of course also a whole lot more. The “home” button is conveniently located on the right side of the watch and serves as a “previous” button as well. The watch comes with an accelerometer, and also a magnetometer to be able to correctly locate you if you’re using a maps application.

The whole concept seems to rest on inspiration from Apple, and that becomes very apparent when you hop over to the I’m Watch Android smartwatch’s  official website Here you can read up on the watch itself. The watch even has its own app market called “i’market”.

So let’s ask what is probably the most important question in this selfie-crazed world we’re living in, does it have a camera? Unfortunately, the current incarnation of the I’m Watch Android smartwatch does not incorporate a camera. However, the custom interface (based on the Android operating system) does have the capability to use Instagram and a whole lot of other picture apps, but my guess is that it’s more for viewing.

I’m Watch – Competitive & Innovative Android Smartwatch

Im Watch Android Smartwatch

Im Watch Android Smartwatch

Im Watch Android Smartwatch

Im Watch Android Smartwatch