Sneaker Design: Custom Nikes Made From Your Instagram Photos

If you’ve been itching for a new sneaker design, one that nobody else has, you might consider using a smartphone app that will allow you to create a pair of Nike Air Max 1, 90 or 95 sneakers based on your Instagram photos. Before you get too excited, this app won’t put your Instagram photo itself on the shoes, but it will take the colors in your photo and put them altogether to create your custom sneaker design.

The app is called Nike PHOTOiD, and the sneakers look surprisingly like the Instagram photos, even though they only add the colors. There are so many products and services now that incorporate Instagram photos, but this is one of the more creative ones I’ve seen. When you wear your custom sneaker design, nobody would know its reference except for you, which makes them subtle and stylish.

After you place your order, it will take Nike about four weeks to create your new shoes and send them to you. The app also allows you to share your new sneaker design on all your favorite social networks. By incorporating the newest technology with one of the most popular photo sharing sites, Nike continues to stay current and attract a younger demographic of customers.

Would you order a pair of these shoes? Do you have an Instagram photo that is so special that you’d want to wear all the colors on your feet? Only time will tell if this takes off and becomes popular. This new platform seems very simple to use, and if you have an Instagram account, it will be easy for you to navigate. Who would have ever thought that now you can even order a pair of custom sneakers from a smartphone? If you want to order a pair of these for yourself, you can click over to Nike PHOTOiD.

Sneaker Design: Custom Nikes Made From Instagram Photos







Via: [psfk]