Like Hangers Turn Shopping For Clothes IRL Into A Social Affair

We have seen quite a few ways social media has become useful in our online lives as well as in our real lives. When I say real lives, I of course mean in the world where we live and breathe. There are a multitude of different social sharing metrics that we use to assess our success when we launch campaigns and websites online. These sharing metrics might have other uses as well. A clothing store in Brazil is utilizing Facebook likes in something called like hangers.

It’s a pretty genius way of helping customers decide what to buy. Imagine walking into a store with a friend, and you know you two don’t have the same taste. It doesn’t exactly make for a successful shopping tour, does it? Nope, this Brazilian store decided to launch something called like hangers instead, and it has made their business boom.

So, what are like hangers? Well, they’re nothing more complex than hangers with the number of likes displayed on them. The store’s clothes are present on the Internet, and through their website, anyone can like the clothes they might have just bought or that they are admiring. This way, shopping becomes a whole lot more social. If anything, it makes for an easier way to be trendy by just looking at these like hangers and checking out how many likes that particular clothing item has gotten.

It’s a rather genius move by C&A Brazil since it will not only tell store shoppers what’s hot, but it will also encourage people online to check out and like their clothes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be one of the thousands of people to have a like registered and displayed in a store on the other side of the world, right? It’s concepts like this that will make the Facebook like a little more valuable for each new idea launched. It is said that Facebook’s graph search feature is going to make likes even more valuable, which of course will make this store get a whole lot of traffic just because they already have a plan to acquire them in the thousands. However, there are a few questions that remain, and one of those is how metric pollution is measured and dealt with in these like hangers. I guess we’ll never know.

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