Social Media Demographics Case Study [Infographic]

I often hear people talk about social media demographics. They usually want to know specifics like gender, age, education and household income numbers. I’ve never really understood why that information is so important, but I suppose from a branding perspective, it’s important to know this stuff so a company can make sure they are maximizing their efforts when they formulate their social media strategy.

Thanks to this new infographic from Online MBA, you can now get all these stats in a nice and neat format which is easy to understand at a glance. A lot of what I see on this chart is common sense to me, but a lot of it is new information as well.

For example, I had no idea that 43% of Google+ users are single, that only 13% of people online use Twitter and that the top corporate Pinterest board has 34,517 followers. However, I think this stat that 82% of Pinterest users are female is already outdated. Men have been flocking to that site like crazy lately, and I think the correct stat is more like 68% are female, not 82%. Regardless, this is a great little chart to keep handy if you need to refer to social media demographics for a project you are working on.

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