Soda Vending Machines Now Available In Taxis

There is an increasing number of vending machines entering our reality at the moment. We’re starting to see them everywhere. I am not just talking about the old school vending machines, but ones that are quite hi-tech and sometimes even incorporate touchscreen front panels. This of course is an added convenience in our everyday lives, and we’re soon to see even more vending machines in unexpected places. Recent innovation has lead to soda vending machines being put into cabs.

You might wonder why taxis are in focus when trying to further increase revenue from vending machines. The soda vending machines now being tested in cabs in and around New Orleans are quite an upgrade. The concept is brilliant and is a sure way to further offer a convenience that I am sure most of us have wished for at some point in our lives. Imagine taking a cab somewhere on a scorching hot day, and all you can think about is popping open a cold soda. Now you can do that thanks to the incorporated soda vending machines in some New Orleans cabs.

These machines are located at the very back of the cab, right where the head rest ends and the back panel starts. When you have chosen what soda you want on the touchscreen located on the seat in front of you, the panel in the back pops up to deliver your soda. I think anyone would agree that this is an added luxury when riding in cabs in hot places.

This concept is pioneered by New Orleans Carriage Cab company and is currently incorporated into 250 of their taxis. Ordering is simple and only requires swiping a credit card when choosing what soft drink you want from the vending machine. There are plenty of options to choose from as well, and they are all non-alcoholic choices. The options so far are Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, iced tea, and orange Fanta. The question is whether or not this contraption affects the amount of luggage you can bring with you to the airport. Well, it’s always better to travel light anyway, right?

New Orleans Carriage Cab Soda Vending Machines




Via: [psfk]