SolePower: Recharge Any Mobile Device With Walking Power

You’re probably thinking that there is a never ending flood of charging devices that never follow through on their promises of “free” energy, right? Well, this time one just might. We have written a lot about mobile devices, and the ways you can recharge them without ever needing a power outlet. This time around, we’re going to take a different approach to the whole thing. We’re going to use our legs to generate the power we need to charge our mobile devices. Let’s have a look at walking power!

What would you say if I told you that within the near future your walking power would generate enough power to charge your smartphone? I think you would call it BS, wouldn’t you? I am well aware that it’s not free energy, but the concept itself allows you to at least not have to pay for the power you use to charge your mobile devices. The SolePower sole charger is a prototype shoe inlay. When it’s stepped on and in motion, it will generate power and even store it in a temporary battery which can then be transferred to your smartphone or whatever other mobile USB device you wish to charge.

One mind-blowing part about mobile devices is that military personnel need to carry 20 pounds worth of batteries to sustain their connectability when on a mission. With devices like the SolePower, which generate walking power, they can cut all of that weight down to virtually nothing. Whether or not this will work depends on the amount and quality of power they need for their gear I guess. Nonetheless, this is a great innovation that deserves a chance to prove itself before being pushed to the curb. If it works, it means all of us will have a truly optimized way to always stay connected with our mobile devices, without ever running out of battery.

The people behind the SolePower device are looking to fund their project by using Kickstarter‘s crowdfunding mechanism. It’s something that a lot of startups have managed to successfully use to get their concepts off the ground. The difference with this device and other walking power devices is that the SolePower is a working prototype that just needs a little bit of optimization and refinement. In order to cover that, they need to raise $50,000 within 42 days. It’s not at all an impossible task since they have already raised north of $8,500. You can pledge $100 (still available when writing this) and receive one of these walking power chargers when the crowdfunding campaign is successfully completed. Are you ready to charge up with walking power? This SolePower device could change charging forever.

SolePower – Walking Power USB Charger Innovation