Spatial Hand Gesture Water Faucet – Pure Awesomeness

When everything is based around the touching of things these days, it’s not hard to predict what will come in terms of home appliances. So many things already have the touch screen incorporated, even the appliances in our kitchen. As you understand, the list is too long to publish here. The basic bottom line is that we’re moving into an age where everything is based on the interaction of a surface.

However, for Jasper Dekker this isn’t near enough. To touch things is not a good thing for everyone’s hygiene and it should be avoided if possible. Viruses can spread twice or even three times as fast as they would without touch surfaces. That’s why Jasper decided to create a new kind of gesture controlled kitchen faucet, and it is a thing of beauty.

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is run your hand on the side of the faucet without touching it and streams of air will determine how much water you would like the tap to dispense. There’s really nothing else to it. Sure, the technology behind it all is totally unique and advanced, but the use is even more simple than the usual tap that we are all used to. The question now is… what if the cat walks by the faucet? Will we get flooded houses then? I guess that’s one thing we’ll have to find out. This is a working prototype of the Spatial Water Faucet and in my opinion, with a little more research, this could be the coolest thing since sliced bread.