Spotify CEO Demos A Siri Hack That Controls Spotify

We all love a good hack every now and then. As a matter of fact, I believe that every gadget we have ever seen, bought or tried has at some point been a simple hack to see if the intended approach was even possible. It is no surprise that tech geeks all over the world are taking perfectly new, good gadgets and disassembling them in order to see what they can do. This is what drives innovation forward each and every day. Without the tinkerers, we wouldn’t be able to use the iPhone, the PC or any other gadget that we enjoy so much today. So would you find it surprising to hear that the leading tech companies of the world are hacking things in order to make them work with their own solutions? I guess not.

When you see this clip, I know you are going to know what I am talking about. Spotify‘s march forward has been insane during the last couple of years, and it seems it is not about to stop anytime soon. As a matter of fact, they are constantly pushing Spotify’s usability to new levels. This time, it is the iPhone that gets the focus, or rather the Siri feature on the iPhone. Recently Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, demoed a hack the company made to the Siri feature which allowed him to control the Spotify service by voice commands only.

There have of course been a number of hacks when it comes to Siri lately, and another one that was created by Simon Maddox allows you to fully control Spotify with the help of a simple voice plugin. The two hacks are quite similar, and the CEO of Spotify hinted that hacking Siri for every conceivable service and feature is what could really be a huge threat to Google’s domination, and a huge leap forward when it comes to acquiring information from the Internet. Only the future will tell if this proves to be true.

The Spotify Siri Hack Demo

Via: [iPhone Hacks]