Star Trek Speakers – The Only Way To Be A Trekkie

Star Trek is a whole phenomenon in itself really. I have no experience what so ever in being a Trekkie or ever watching any of the episodes on TV. However, I watched the latest movie and thought it was nothing short of brilliant. I really enjoyed the upgrade and gritty feel it had, before that it seemed so… purdy and clean. It seems like it’s the trend in movie making right now. Batman got grittier and so did Terminator, along with many others.

You may say whatever you want about Star Trek as a series and about the… culture, but the fact remains that no other series or movie has spawned so many new technology wonders as Star Trek. Literally hundreds of things have been directly converted from Star Trek to real life. The cell phone is one example. Touch screen is another.

So what else is there that we could create that is inspired by the movie? Well, there’s a lot really. One thing that no one has done yet is speakers. These Star Trek inspired speakers are going to pimp out your command deck quite nicely. Just make sure you position them accordingly and you’ll get the best sound a spaceship has ever heard. Beam me up Scotty!