Steampunk: Amazing USB Drive From The Past

It’s like we have already gone through the apocalypse, and all we can do is just patch together old devices to form new ones. The unique features and design each steampunk gadget has is an inspiration that keeps on growing on you again and again. I remember when I played Myst and Riven for the first time. It was a wonderful experience that etched the steampunk design in my memory. Since then, there have been tons and tons of new gadgets created in the spirit of steampunk and it always impresses me.

Will Rockwell, a designer with a healthy attraction for steampunk design, got his inspiration for his latest piece when driving home from work one day. The idea came to him when he glanced at a “narrow bridge” sign by the road side. The sign stayed in his memory, and one day he decided to make something of it.

The result is a 256 GB masterpiece that is sure to impress anyone that sees it. The miniature details and the amazing finish make it a brilliant piece to pull out at a meeting or in the presence of friends and loved ones. The drive is accompanied by an old-school tin box to further enhance the classic and dusty look of the past. The power of the USB lies within, and with a combination of the new and old, this one is sure to stick around for some time.