Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller Will Rejuvenate Your Gaming

It’s time for another tidbit of steampunk here on Bit Rebels. We love it, but we don’t get sent very much of it, and it seems we don’t manage to stumble across anything that is worth mentioning very often. However, that of course doesn’t mean there isn’t anything out there that should definitely be shared with you. Steampunk stuff has always been a little mysterious to me. Somewhere this phenomenon was invented, and the art and style had to come from somewhere. When was that and who managed to figure this whole new thing out? Is it something thought up after some Victorian steampunk movie? What is the origin of it? It’s apparent I need to do some more research about it.

If you are a huge Xbox gamer who is constantly looking to increase your experience, I think I have the gadget that will totally rejuvenate your gaming. It’s the Steampunk Xbox Controller, and it has some rather epic features on it. What strikes you first is the way it’s created out of wood, right? The next thing I am absolutely sure you will notice is the big keyhole and key in the middle of the controller. Am I right?

The big question now is if the key works, and if it does, what does it do? Yes, the key works, and it actually enables the controller and starts up the intro menu. It’s features like this that I think are totally badass. For once you can always be sure that this awesome controller is only used by you. However, don’t lose the key or you will find yourself in a very odd situation where you will most likely have to give the controller away to a museum or use it as decoration on the NES coffee table in your living room. Every pro gamer has one, right? (Supposedly created by Minister Morbid)

Xbox Wooden Steampunk Controller Mod

Xbox Wooden Steampunk Controller Mod