Stem Cell Test Tube Cheeseburgers Taste Just Like Chicken

Right now these burgers apparently taste nasty, and perhaps they’ll end up tasting like chicken. If the scientists have any luck at all, they may end up actually tasting like beef, but that remains to be seen. It will all play out soon enough though.

As the human population continues to rise at a fast pace, natural resources continue to be depleted, and with pollution still rampant, it only makes sense that in the future we’ll have to come up with more creative ways to sustain ourselves and make food. We’ve written about this many times before, and my favorite article about it is one that Richard wrote about a year ago called Gross Foods That You Want To Eat Anyway.

Scientists are continuously trying to come up with new ways to solve this problem, and sometimes the solutions they propose seems a little… disgusting. For example, about a month ago we read about burgers made from human poop. That idea wasn’t widely accepted for obvious reasons.

Okay, if we don’t want to eat cheeseburgers made from poop, how about if we eat cheeseburgers made from stem cells stripped from a cow’s muscle? Does that sound a little more appealing? In this process, the stem cells are incubated in a nutrient rich liquid in a test tube until they grow. Then that strip of cells is stretched by being attached to some Velcro, added to some lab-grown animal fat and molded into a burger. Voila… a new tasty treat is born.

The complete version of this burger will be ready in October, although it could take an additional ten years before it’s in all the grocery stores for us to purchase. If you would like to read the details about this process, just click over to Test Tube Burgers Could Hit Kitchens This Year.



Via: [Technabob]