Steve Jobs Unofficial Response To Gizmodo’s iPhone 4G Stunt

It seems there is no end to the things that people are saying about the next generation iPhone leak. Gizmodo seems to have a million articles about the device which in turn looks like it has been in their possession for a very long time. The endless stream of new videos coming from Gizmodo is really something else. Of course the community of iPhone fans are thrilled by the continuous coverage, but Apple is probably swearing like a baker that is out of flour. Everyone is waiting for Apple to make a comment about this whole thing but behind those walls, Apple is keeping silent.

Steve Jobs is probably redefining security as we know it, and one might expect one or two employees to be under a lot of fire or even given the finger showing them where the door is. In either case, it’s frighteningly quiet from that side of the battle. Some have even said that Apple might postpone the release and announcement of the next generation iPhone just to punish the community for spreading the news that Gizmodo broke. However, that is probably not going to happen since Apple is a business and a darn good one. Waiting with the announcement will make them lose a lot of money that they have already spent and in the end, all this might actually have helped the new iPhone’s reputation for being the gadget to get when it comes out.

So, what can we expect Apple to say about all this? Will there be a comment coming from Apple at all or will they keep being silent until the release of the iPhone? Well, the probable solution would be to just keep quiet and keep working to make it even better, maybe even throw in a few more awesome features just to exceed all the expectations that are now surfacing.

However, there are still some people that are trying to portray what Steve Jobs would have said if he decided to comment on this whole thing. The comment is entirely directed at Gizmodo. No, it isn’t as focused and kind as the letter they sent out to get their gadget back…