Stunning Lexus: The Two Thousand And Future Model

With the world still recuperating from the economic collapse, it’s not really on everyone’s mind to buy the latest kind of new car. Pretty much every auto manufacturer is in deep trouble, and yet they are still manufacturing cars like nothing happened. It’s good for some (the workers first come to mind) and bad for others. Sure, you can dream about expensive sports cars and lavish living, but it’s few that still have that luxury. However, for those, it’s always interesting to speculate about buying a new car, especially when no one else has it yet.

Artur Szymczak is a 3D designer and artist that really pushes the front of futuristic auto design, and he does it damn well. Recently he completed a new concept future design where the exclusive car brand Lexus was featured. The car looks somewhat similar to the cars that we saw driving on auto pilot in iRobot not too long ago. Similar cars were also available in Minority Report, but this one is of course not auto-piloted. What fun would that be, right?

The sleek lines, the dominant white creativeness and the futuristic look speak of luxury in every sense of the word. The concept design 3D conceptualization was created for the Fermi Competition. There’s no word if the contest has ended or if Mr. Szymczak was successful in it. However, just looking at this beauty speaks for itself.

I would sure like one sitting in the driveway awaiting my grocery shopping, or to go cruising by the seashore one sunny evening. I am sure many people feel the same way when they see it. If it will ever be made is written in the stars. If it is, we can be sure there will only be a few cars manufactured. After all, it’s a hell of a nice and exclusive car.