Stylophone Beatbox: Next Gen In Retro Beatboxing

As a music producer and writer, I have come across a slew of gadgets and instruments that will make creating music truly creative and fun. However, there is a danger in using too much of these in a song since it will take away from the artist’s performance, and it will become just a production. There is a fine line here that some of the greatest producers of today have mastered skillfully. However, there are also gadgets out there that will truly re-invent your music if you just open your mind to it.

One of those gadgets is the Stylophone Beatbox. Created by the (of course) Stylophone company that has been around since 1968 when Rolf Harris first launched his first gadget named… well, Stylophone. So what is the Stylophone? How does it work? It’s rather simple and fun.

All you do is punch pads with a stylus and the instrument makes the pre-programmed sounds. The newest edition, the Stylophone Beatbox, let’s you create your own beats to flavor your music your way. There is also a record button that will allow you to record your creations to later port them to your sequencer for further editing. A little tempo wheel is located at the front side of the gadget to allow you to change the tempo to fit the speed of your song. It pretty much has everything necessary but not much more. I think it’s geekylicious is so many ways, and I would want one just to have it. These babies will become collector’s items in time. I am sure of it! Get one for ONLY $19.95 right here!