Super NES Toaster: For The Sophisticated Gamer

If you are a gamer, you probably know that breakfast isn’t exactly the first thing you think about in the morning. There are far more important things to attend to before going to school or work, and those of course involve trying to figure out how to level up or complete a mission. It’s all about whatever gets you going in the morning and makes you progress in the game you are currently playing. However, everyone needs a good breakfast, whether you want it or not, so taking the time to prepare it shouldn’t be too much of a time sink. I mean, the benefits of a healthy breakfast are usually better for you than any other meal during the day. So, always take the time to get yourself a nice, relaxing breakfast.

There are of course things you can acquire in order to geek up that breakfast to the level where you feel like eating it is a privilege. One such thing is to get the newly released Super NES Toaster that will sure put some extra energy into that toasted bread of yours. It’s actually a toaster that looks like a Nintendo Super NES console, but it doesn’t really stop there. It actually puts a 1 UP picture on that slice of bread to further increase your daily inspiration.

The toaster is made available by Spinning Hat, and it will have you plunk down £14.99 for the sheer awesomeness it will bring to your breakfast table. I guess there are no limits to how much retroness we are willing to put into our lives. This one certainly is a bargain for anyone who is looking to geek out their apartment according to the rules of gaming engagement. I mean, what else is there that will bring the gaming flavor to the breakfast table like this? This way you never have to completely leave that sense of gaming even though you’re not in front of your computer or your gaming console.


Via: [UFunk – French]