Superheadz Clap Camera: Take Photos With A USB Stick

Once again, I am going to hail homage to the infinite creativity and innovation people in our world are able to come up with. This time, it has to do with the never-ending urge to make something smaller. Maybe a new word like “microfication” is in order to explain the constant strive to put what we once before hung on our shoulder with a strap into our pockets. I don’t know how much farther we can take this crazy minimization of pretty much everything around us before we find that the gadgets are no longer optimized for use but for storage and mobility only. After all, we are created in different sizes and shapes and what fits one doesn’t always fit all, if you know what I mean.

Cameras seem to be a good target for the microfication process, and seemingly no camera can be too small to be used. This time around it’s time for a USB stick camera called the Superheadz Clap Camera. It will shoot 2 megapixel photos straight into the USB memory stick it is created on. It’s storage and a camera all in one. It’s pretty bumpin’ if you ask me, but the problems become obvious when we start talking size. What is the ultimate size for a camera anyway?

The size might turn a lot of people off from opening up their wallets for this creative innovation. However, the fact that you will have it all wrapped in one simple little USB stick is of course going to make it highly tempting. Then we come to the 2 megapixels… It’s not too good considering we can get a camera today that has probably 10 megapixels for about double the price if you are lucky. I like the innovation and the creativity, but the usefulness is a little bit on the downside due to its size though. After all, I am not a secret agent out to huzzle some top secret information. The price for this badboy is $49.95 over at Amazon if you feel like an undercover agent.

Superheadz Clap USB Stick Camera

Via: [Uncrate]