Planning To Buy A Tactical Flashlight? – 5 Reasons You Should Own It

Technology surrounds us everywhere. From a small tv remote to our smartphones, we can witness the presence of technology. The flashlight is yet another area where technological advances have transformed this simple tool into a multi-purpose gadget which entails numerous benefits.

Don’t confuse tactical flashlights with the ones found in your homes as they serve a very different purpose and are suited to serve a different market. Tactical flashlights were originally developed in conjunction with a firearm to assist target identification in dark areas or where there is limited lighting. The concentrated light beam of a tactical flashlight is a weapon to fear.

While policemen find it to be a great innovation, you can also use the same for yourself. For those of you still wondering how this simple and uncomplicated tool can be so useful, let me give you five reasons. I bet these will surely compel you to own one right away.

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1. For Self-defense

Surprised? Because you have no idea how a typical flashlight can be used for self-defense in the age of technological revolution. You just rely on your cell phone and its flashlight, don’t you? Well, it’s time that you look beyond it.

The world today is a more crowded and unfortunately a dangerous place than ever. And, the number of people who have responded to this increased level of danger is relatively less. For those who do, use different methodologies like taking up self-defense courses or carrying firearms. But, we recommend you carrying something which can effectively repel an ill-intentioned weasel, like a flashlight. The migraine-inducing bright and bezel edges of this tactical gear inflict serious pain when slammed against the head of someone.

2. During Emergencies

Undoubtedly, a flashlight is the first thing we hunt for as soon as we experience a power cut when at home. Apart from this, there are different emergencies we can get trapped in like lost on a dark road at night or anything alike. At this moment, your tactical flashlight will give out its powerful beam to attract help. Alongside this, it helps you find your way in the dark by illuminating the area. There are some flashlights that have built-in emergency flashers as well. And, these are perfect for such a scenario.

3. To Scare Away Dogs

Yes, dogs are said to be a man’s best friend but always remember, they are the worst enemy to a stranger. You might encounter one when traveling alone late at night. Hence, it is ideal that you always carry your tactical gear, i.e. the flashlight which will help neutralize them just by training the powerful beam of your light right into their eyes. Don’t worry, it won’t do much damage but will surely disorient them long enough for you to get away.

4. For Starting A Fire

Yes, you heard it right! You can actually start a fire with a tactical flashlight. And, this can be done easily in different ways.

First, use a bit of tinder on top of the light around the filament (only if it is intact) and switch the light on. Remember to do this carefully as it is only the outer glass that must be broken, not the inner filament. Also, note that this is for survival purposes only.

The second method is to use the protecting glass lens from the cap of the flashlight to magnify the sun during daylight onto tinder. Opt for any of these and a fire can be started easily.

5. Signaling For Help

In case of emergency situations like being lost or signaling drivers on the road for help, the only thing we have to our rescue is yelling or our hand movement. But, not for those who have a tactical flashlight! It easily replaces a lot of those functions as all you need to do is just signal it in the direction and at the person, you wish to. Usually, if the situation is safe, people pull over to help.

These reasons surely are convincing enough for you to buy one today! Owning this tactical gear will prove to be really advantageous. Happy buying.

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