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Remotely manipulating another person’s phone is a violation of privacy and should be done only in extreme cases. However, some people require it for security or for employment. Parents require it in order to monitor their children’s phone activity. Professionals who handle many mobile phones require it in order to use their phones at the same time.

There are two methods for remotely controlling Android phones. The first method is to use a PC or a laptop. The other option is to use another Android device. All you need to do is install a piece of software or an app and ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

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Webkey is a wonderful app for all purposes. It has two editions, one is the Business edition, and another is the standard edition. The Webkey application is ideal for keeping an eye on your children and is among the best in terms of parental control!

It includes features such as GPS-based location tracking, Remote screenshot, Screen recording, Device-to-Device control, and many others. These features can also be used for other business-oriented purposes: GPS tracking of logistics, controlling displays such as digital signage, maintenance of remote devices.

Webkey is a cloud-based event management software that enables teams to collaborate and manage events from any place or device. It is a simple tool that allows planners to interact with one another and work with their venues.

The participants could view the live feed on the tablet, but the tablet’s other features were blocked remotely via Webkey. Partners will be able to provide remote support to anyone experiencing difficulty following the conference using the webkey app.

This app contains a mobile check-in feature that may be used on an unlimited number of devices. You won’t need to train onsite workers because the completely configurable check-in feature is easy to understand. Attendee information is available in real-time, and critical data is securely stored in the cloud.

Although, many Ornithological Institutes are using this application as part of their research on the migration of the Alpine Swifts. They have incorporated webkey as a tracking device. Small light (geolocators) for recording migration routes of birds. The data of these loggers can be downloaded automatically over short distances.

These automatic download stations are placed near the breeding colonies of Alpine Swifts and the stations are controlled by smartphones. With Webkey and a good plan, you can do anything from tracing routes to managing events.

InkWire plus Assist

InkWire plus Assist is brought to us by the same folks who created Vysor, which we rated one of our favorite apps for controlling an Android from a computer. This program allows you to control one Android phone with another, allowing you to perform many of the same operations.

You can configure yourself as either the host or the helper, and then use your fingertips to coach your friend or family member through their Android-related troubles. If you need to go beyond hand-drawn instructions, InkWire plus Assist includes voice-chat functionality so you can explain each change you make.

TeamViewer Remote Control

TeamViewer’s Remote Control app is one of the best ways to manage an Android device remotely. It’s a little element of a much broader ecosystem, and if you require more features, you can sign up for a subscription plan.

The Remote Control software for Android currently provides intuitive gesture controls, two-way file sharing, and screen sharing between phones, PCs, and tablets. Of course, you’ll need to install TeamViewer Quick Support on any device you intend to manage, so get ready to dive into the broader ecosystem.


This is one of the greatest applications for remotely controlling an Android smartphone. It includes a number of unique and intuitive features that make it quite popular among users. If you want to stream video and photographs from a remote Android device instantly, use this powerful solution. It also offers file transfer via drag and drop between the desktop and the phone.

If your desktop screen supports touch, you can use the same swipe and drag motions for the mirrored Android smartphone screen instead of traditional point and click commands. You may also record video and save screenshots of the remote device with a single click of a button. You can establish a connection via browser or an app.

Netop Mobile

This advanced Android remote access solution supports multiple languages and is ideal for technical support personnel. Its file transfer module is incredibly dependable, and it supports lightning-fast content syncing. You can also obtain extensive system information with a single button click. Its two-way chat feature ensures that the device owner may quickly communicate information with the support person on the other end of the remote session while it is in progress.

Its unique script scheduling feature allows you to automate crucial chores. It also generates event logs on the device to track what happened during the remote connection, which can be used to investigate and debug errors in offline mode.


This premium application allows you to control an Android smartphone remotely. Full-scale file and folder browsing ensure that you can simply discover the information you need. It also automatically tracks the position of the Android device, which contains the history log.

It may also remotely lock the device to prevent illegal access, keeping your sensitive data secure and safe. The volume and camera, as well as access to the terminal shell for triggering system activities, are all easily accessible. It also allows you to send SMS, make phone calls, and use the device’s installed apps without issue. Even a novice can use the application’s remote accessing interface.


This is yet another useful tool for managing your Android smartphone from your desktop. Texting is a breeze with this solution. App notifications are also visible on the desktop screen to keep you up to date on alerts generated by installed Android apps. This program can also be used to swiftly send and receive web URLs to and from the connected device.

Complete chat support ensures that you may simply connect with your friends and family on the smartphone via your laptop. Aside from explicit file transfer, one can also initiate a download of files connected to in-app notifications. This program allows remote access to both Android tablets and smartphones.


There are numerous circumstances in which remote access to your mobile phone is required. All we require is a simple and convenient approach. However, it is critical to highlight that remotely manipulating another person’s Android phone without their authorization is illegal and violates their privacy. Only do this if it is a necessity.

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