Supertoy Teddy Bear Can Carry On Realistic Conversations

What would Bit Rebels be if we didn’t write about the awesome and groundbreaking toys that are being developed? I woke up this morning thinking about the different toys I used to play with as a child, and I told myself that I just had to check out what toys are available today. Well, let’s just say that comparing yesterday’s toys with the toys available today is an unfair comparison. There is one supertoy of today that is enough to make all the toys from yesterday look kind of lame.

This is especially true if the supertoy is the new super intelligent, naturally talking teddy bear that is currently being developed by the people over at Supertoy Robotics in the United Kingdom. If you thought Siri was impressive, and maybe you still think it is, then you will definitely change your mind when you have a look at what kids get to play with these days. You will be so impressed that I think you will believe the whole thing is a joke. I still can’t get over how realistic this teddy bear is.

The more I think about it, the more I want to say that there is some trickery involved. The fact that the Kickstarter project for this supertoy has already been able to rake in 364 backers and north of £25,000 of the £30,000 (and that’s with over 23 days to go) should be enough to prove that this thing is in fact real.

Imagine your teddy bear coming to life in a whole new way, in an almost eerie realistic way, to the point where you will be able to carry on normal conversations with it. Now that is something that could potentially help children learn and develop language skills better than anything else. Have a look at the video presentation of this incredible supertoy teddy bear and marvel over this insanely realistic synthetically talking teddy bear the developers have been able to create. I would definitely call this the toy of tomorrow, in every conceivable way imaginable.

Supertoy Robotics’ Talking Teddy Bear