The High Tech Tattoo-Like Patch That Can Check Your Body Temperature

When I was a kid, I used to hate having my temperature taken. I would always gag when my mother stuck the thermometer under my tongue. Babies have it even worse since they get the thermometer stuck up their…you know. It seems like in the technology filled world we live in, someone would have come up with a better way to check our body temperature. Well, a team of researchers has just done that. They’ve created this tattoo-like patch that a person can wear.

This patch constantly and accurately checks body temperature. The researchers who created this are spread out between the United States, China and Singapore. They’ve been working on this innovation for about two years. This little patch thermometer get glued onto the skin (with a special body glue), and then it acts as a thermometer.

The patch itself is very thin and flexible. It reminds me of a band-aid, and it will move when your skin moves. Before you get your hopes up, I should tell you that this innovation isn’t ready for the store shelves just yet. I know, boo-hoo. As of today, it still requires an external power source. However, the team is working on solving this challenge right now.

There are two versions of this patch. They both check body temperature, but one is for the skin and one is for inside the body. They are looking into using solar power for the skin version and bioelectric power for the internal one. This reminds me of the Wi-Fi Enabled Tooth Sensor we featured about a month ago. As technology continues to advance, I’m sure there will be even more ways we can add high tech sensors and patches to our bodies to monitor our health continuously. I can only imagine how these types of innovations will increase the lifespan of human beings over the years. Incredible!

This Tattoo-Like Patch Can Check Your Body Temperature

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