Tech Inspired Accessories- Unleash Your Inner Geek

With more and more people interested in technology, you can pretty much now see the people that can be classified as a techie or a gadget geek just by what he or she carries around. Rarely do you see anyone now not carrying a cell phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc.). People also carry around their Notebooks, MacBooks and mini computers. Even the word Geek is no longer looked down on or frowned upon. The word has been used so many times to refer to techies that it now generally refers to a person who knows a lot about about a particular subject, especially pertaining to anything digital.

Some of the people I know wear statement t-shirts. If you are not the type to wear those, yet you still like wearing tech inspired accessories, the following items maybe for you. I found these very cool tech and geek inspired accessories. The line of items includes a bottle opener ring that you can wear to be ready for any occasion. Opening a bottle of beer or soda will now always be easy. How about the necklaces (broken message, the fortune necklace and the circuit board necklace)? They are where fashion meets recycling. And, if you want to customize your belt with different messages every time you wear it, then the LED buckle might be the best accessory for you.

Original Ring Thing

Broken Image Necklace

Good Fortune Necklace

Circuit Board Necklace

LED Belt Buckle