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For several years, we’ve all heard the same thing: AI is the future - and this statement has held water in many ways. After all, we use artificial intelligence for everything from making our mobile cameras smarter to improve medical diagnoses and treatment to accelerating manufacturing, industrial automation, and beyond.

Although even with its massive explosion of popularity and increasingly widespread use over the past decade, few companies have created AI solutions that benefit both corporations and consumers; that promote personal safety just as much as retail planning. Yet Kami Vision fills that gap, and they look more than ready to usher in the next wave of the robot revolution.

Kami Vision Provides AI Security Solutions


AI Has Officially Arrived

But before we get into all that, what exactly is Kami Vision, and what does it have to offer you? Well, Kami Vision is a company that produces a super flexible and advanced edge-based vision AI that’s used within alarms, smart cameras, and other state-of-the-art tech to improve efficiency, better tracking, and provide a whole bunch of benefits that would traditionally only be possible with human sight rather than computer processing.

Or, in simpler terms, Kami Vision is a platform producer that enables devices to “see” and “think” more like we do - something that can be used for various important applications. Safety and security is one of the biggest (and perhaps best) applications, though, and has been the driving force behind some of their greatest innovations, including Kami Vision’s alarms, Personal Emergency Response System (or PERS), and KamiCare fall management solution.

However, their unique vision platform has applications far beyond this, finding just as much utility for things such as advertisement/product optimization and manufacturing compliance as it does family security and unobtrusive eldercare. It doesn’t matter whether it’s within the home or behind the doors of a business, Kami Vision has something worthy to sell. And sell it has.

Currently, the business’ one-of-a-kind software is reported to power over 9 million cameras and counting, and its platform has gained over 5 million users since Kami Vision’s 2017 founding. Those are pretty astounding numbers for a business primarily led by a team of 136, and it has led to critical acclaim from some of the biggest names around. But what’s truly impressive about Kami Vision isn’t their stats; it’s the value they’ve managed to pack into one platform. Let us explain why.

The Value Of Vision

As we said before, Kami Vision isn’t something reserved only for the big names of retail and the top dogs of Silicon Valley. This savvy AI tech can be useful for practically anybody: individuals, small businesses, mid-sized ventures, and beyond, and it offers vast perks to each of these users. What makes it so special? The answer lies in what powers the platform. You see, Kami Vision’s products use deep learning neural networks - an AI processing technique that “learns” by building up hierarchical layers of information from preceding layers.

Utilizing this kind of processing may sound overly complicated and maybe even a bit overkill, but it gives the artificial intelligence a human-like edge that smooths over some of the deficits that naturally come from using machines instead of people while continuing to reap the benefits that can only be achieved with computers and AI.

On paper, this adds up to dramatic data processing improvements, more intelligent and nuanced insights, smarter and quicker detection ability, and greater accuracy for data and security/safety purposes alike. However, we all know actual results are what really matter here. Luckily, Kami Vision is as helpful and meaningful in the real world as one might hope from all the tech jargon.

When used as part of a retail solution or for other commercial applications, Kami Vision’s technologies can function as superchargers for efficiency and efficacy; automatically spotting product defects that even the best workers could easily miss, gathering visual data about what parts of a store are getting the most/least foot traffic, pinpointing potential hazards before they can cause harm, and so much more.

Meanwhile, more security or care-centric work gets plenty of perks when Kami Vision’s AI is thrown into the mix, too. For instance, their PERS grants instant visual access when an alarm has been pressed, thus allowing for faster response time during emergencies, reduced medical costs, and improved well-being of customers, residents, or visitors.

The company’s flagship product, KamiCare, is a fall detection solution that optimizes caregiving with automation and artificial intelligence. Designed for senior living facilities, KamiCare detects falls with 99.9 percent accuracy and alerts caregivers and family members instantly. KamiCare sensors with artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision are able to detect body postures that indicate if an elderly person falls.

The Alarm Video Verification solution also includes built-in facial recognition and pet, vehicle, and person detection. The end result? Greater safety and more peace of mind, all without extra vigilance or hired help required - that’s the value of Kami Vision!

Getting To The Core Of KamiCore

There’s a lot to be gained by having these kinds of computer vision technologies backing you up during daily operations. But you might be surprised to learn that they actually all are built off of one central technology called the KamiCore Platform. You can kind of think of it as the DNA of the company’s digital solutions.

KamiCore is the platform everything else is predicated on. It provides all the building blocks - in this case, the SDKs and APIs - required to build and run those previously mentioned systems and allows them to be properly integrated.

The infrastructure is then very secure and reliable, so you no longer have to spend your precious time and effort worrying about compliance or fiddling with platforms and software that were never really intended to go together in the first place. At the same time, the way the KamiCore platform is built allows for all the customization you could ever need.

Want to keep your solutions more segregated and your customers clearly divided? Need the capability of full remote management? Have multiple different mismatched devices all using the same platform? Thanks to Kami Vision’s thoughtful design, that’s not a problem, and you won’t find that flexibility anywhere else.

Kami Vision is dedicated to expanding globally, and they showcase their commitment to becoming a worldwide brand with their new Bangalore office. Another indicator that Kami Vision is a brand that wants to do good all around the world.

Kami Vision Provides AI Safety Solutions


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