Tech Tiger vs. Marketplace Sites

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get rid of an old kindle, clear your wardrobe of unwanted and unworn clothes, or sell an iPhone 12 Pro – when it comes to parting with personal items for cash, there are plenty of sites and platforms available.

While sites like Vinted, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace boast the following which ensures your advert is seen by the maximum number of people and potential buyers, we believe that Tech Tiger presents the best experience and value to sellers as well as buyers. But why, and what is it that makes the Tech Tiger platform so much better than other marketplace sites?

In this blog, we answer these questions with some of the core selling points and benefits of listing your device with Tech Tiger.

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1. Convenient Process With No Hidden Fees

The first and most obvious benefit to sellers, as well as buyers, is that Tech Tiger offers a safe and convenient end-to-end process, whereby sellers select the device they are looking to sell and are quoted a price based on the condition and age of the model as well as its storage size.

Once you have been presented with a quote, this is confirmed upon receipt of your device and then transferred to your bank account efficiently – no hidden fees from us or any other stage of the process as you might find across other marketplace sites. We even send you a free envelope in which to package your device, so that you can get it to us at no extra cost!

2. Environmental Benefits

Tech Tiger was founded to offer buyers and sellers a convenient and environmentally friendly way of supporting a more sustainable tech industry, where e-waste is minimised and sellers are encouraged to part with their unwanted devices as part of a trade-in seal or straight sale.

Far from those marketplace sites that encourage waste and simply leave unwanted devices sitting stagnant on the market, Tech Tiger offers a full recycling service for those devices that are in no condition to be resold, and even works to refurbish devices to ensure that where possible they can be re-entered into the market for a second lease of life.

All of this dramatically reduces e-waste and combats the wasteful approach to the existing tech industry which pits upgrades above sustainable usage.

3. Personal Data Protection

Finally, when you sell a device on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you are responsible for wiping the data from the device yourself – however, when you sell your device to Tech Tiger, we conduct a full data wiping service as part of the refurbishment, ensuring that your personal information is safe and unable to be accessed.

Tech Tiger is committed to nurturing a different corner of the tech market, where sustainable and refurbished solutions are both accessible and high in quality. For more information on this and to choose Tech Tiger over other marketplace sites, visit our website.

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