Tech-Top: Guy Builds Futuristic Extendable Desktop Computer

Not everyone has the technical know-how to put together a desktop computer worthy of a science fiction movie. There are some custom builds out there that boggle pretty much everyone’s mind once you see them. When it comes to the more futuristic builds, there are not many complete solutions. The one I decided to feature today is definitely one of the more impressive builds I have seen. It’s called the Tech-Top, and it is nothing less than a geek’s dream desktop computer.

While everyone is looking to create the most incredible hologram projector, smartwatch or even smartphone, it’s easy to forget about the abundance of incredible desktop computer builds that are created every year throughout the world. In this video, we are taken through the 4 days it took the creator, YouTuber edd2402, to create the Tech-Top desktop computer. With two extendable monitors, a trackpad and a touchscreen keyboard (all incorporated into the desk itself), this has to be one of the most futuristic and streamlined desktop designs to date.

Sure, it doesn’t have the impressive lighting or the useless design features that we are so used to seeing when something goes viral on the Internet. This particular Tech-Top computer may not be the most science fiction “featurized” computer ever built, but it has a science fiction appeal to it that would make it a formidable addition to any geek’s working area, don’t you agree?

I am sure adding a few features like a dock for internal hard drives and a few on-desktop USB and firewire connections would add to the whole epic feel of the computer itself. I am always impressed by what some people are able to put together with just a few tools, their creativity and some imagination. We are always open to feature “homegrown” technological solutions or builds, so if you know of stuff that has not been covered yet or something that completely boggled your mind when you saw it, pleased don’t hesitate about sending it to us, and we’ll feature it.

Tech-Top – Custom Extendable Desktop Computer Build

Tech Top Desktop Computer

Tech Top Desktop Computer