How Technology Is Changing The Online Gambling Industry?

The online gambling industry has generated around $42 billion dollars in 2017-18 and the trend is growing exponentially every year. Thanks to technological innovations, it is safe to say that something extraordinary is going to change the entire gambling scenario in a couple of years. Online gambling is easily accessible to players and the introduction of advanced technologies will help to enrich their gaming experiences. Let us check out the effects of modern technology on online gambling and what the future holds for us.

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Live Dealer Games

Going to the land-based casino is a cumbersome process as you have to get dressed, commute and carry a lot of cash with yourselves. With the introduction of advanced streaming technology, this is a thing of the past. Now, players can easily get the authentic feel of the casinos right from their homes and we are not talking about online casino games. These are called Live dealer games and include a live human dealer to help you with the gameplay like shuffling cards in online blackjack or rolling the Roulette ball.

These games have truly changed the way that we play casino games and allows players to play with real dealers in real time. These games are conducted in high-end casino themed studios and include sophisticated technology to provide the players with seamless casino experience. You should definitely try it out if you haven’t tried it out yet!

Mobile Gambling

The number of smartphone users was around 2.1 billion in the year 2016 and it is expected to grow to around 2.5 billion by the end of 2019. This basically means that more and more people will be able to access the internet from anywhere anytime. Keeping this thing in mind, developers have exploited this potential to develop mobile casinos. If you check out the online casinos nowadays, you will rarely find a popular online casino which can’t be accessed from your smartphone.

Some developers have even developed separate native casino apps that have been optimized to run on mobile devices, With mobile gambling, players are able to play their favorite games like online Blackjack or Roulette from anywhere and anytime they want to irrespective of their geographical location.

With smartwatches now widely available to the consumers, developers are working on developing native casino apps for it. You can now bet easily with just a swipe or by tapping on your wrist. The ease of accessibility is one reason why online gambling has increased so much in recent years.

VR And AR Gambling

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has been around for a long time now but they are yet to make their big breakthrough. Still, the technologies have got the attention of a number of renowned casino game developers such as Net Entertainment who has jumped on the wagon to produce VR games. VR can represent an entire 360-degree gaming world. NetEnt has even partnered up with a number of  VR companies to make this next-gen casino gaming into a reality.

VR casino is claimed to be the future of online gambling. Similarly, Augmented Reality is used by the developers to represent betting options in 3D graphics. The technology has since made significant steps in the gambling scenario and you can play VR adapted slots now in certain online casinos.

These technologies will be widely used in smartphones. It may take quite a while until VR and AR catch up with the rest of the popular technological innovations as the latest headsets are not quite what the customers are expecting it to be.


You will find that some players still avoid migrating to online casino platform mainly due to security issues related to financial transactions. Although online casinos claim that their casinos integrate state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures to prevent customer data from falling into the wrong hands, still you need to keep in mind that no information is 100% safe on the internet. It’s just a matter of time until hackers find a way to bypass the security measures.

Moreover, the transactions that take place in online casinos have to go through third parties which takes a long time to process and is costly. With blockchain technology and bitcoins, these problems will become a thing of the past as technology is inherently sophisticated and cryptic in nature. The transaction times with this technology is much cheaper as well as faster than traditional transaction methods.

What Can You Expect In The Future?

For the next few years, technology will continue to evolve the gambling industry.  Developers will always find new innovative ways like Virtual Gaming to keep the players engaged. The operators who will continue to invest in these wild ideas will be able to stay in business in the coming years. Although technology has brought some negative aspects to the gambling scenario, still we cannot deny how it has improved our lives as well.  The future of online gambling looks promising and will continue to attract future gamblers as hardware as well as software developers come up with new inventions.

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