How Technology Is Changing Security

The modern world can be frightening. We’re living in the era of terror threats, high-tech attacks, and even undetectable 3D printed guns. But the future is also giving us tools to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our livelihoods safe amid those threats.

Modern security systems have never been more powerful, and the tools that they use to foil threats are fascinating. They’re more than a match for modern threats. Here are just a few of the high-tech things these systems are using and doing.

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Artificial Intelligence

Not so long ago, artificial intelligence was the stuff of science fiction. Now, artificial intelligence is a reality — and it’s all around us. Artificial intelligence is broadly defined as any implementation of computer science that allows a machine to “think” in a way that is similar to how a human does.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in our world. It’s everything from the personal digital assistant that you may have in your home or on your smartphone (hello, Alexa and Siri!) to the powerful computer brains that help big companies and organizations protect their space, people, and assets.

The advantages of using artificial intelligence are myriad. Artificial intelligence can take over the work of humans in some areas, and it can make faster connections and do more repetitive work at a larger scale. Artificial intelligence can be used by corporate security systems to track threats across multiple devices, following the bad guys from camera to camera and connecting the different parts of a complex modern security system.

And modern artificial intelligence doesn’t just think — it learns.

Machine Learning

In the world of modern tech, artificial intelligence is all about machine learning. So what is machine learning? It’s the ability of an artificial intelligence not just to think, but to learn. With machine learning, an artificial intelligence can recognize patterns and actually get better at its tasks over time.

In security, that can be a massive advantage. Artificial intelligence used in modern security systems doesn’t just assess each threat anew. The experts at Verkada, an enterprise security firm, say that their web-based security software solution will get better at its job over time. Not only that, but it will get better in ways that “have yet to even be imagined” — even by its own developers.

Security measures are still physical, of course. Cameras are still surveilling key areas on an organization’s campus, and door locks, alarm wires, and other tangible things are still in play. But software being developed connects all of these different physical elements, and, with improved computer and sensory components within the physical devices, technology has transformed the way that we keep our most valuable spaces secure.

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