How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Business While You’re Away

It’s rough feeling tethered to your business when you’re not confident enough to step away for short period of time. Even when you’ve hired reliable, trustworthy managers to handle daily operations, not being immediately available for emergencies can be a source of anxiety.

When that’s your situation, you’re going to miss out on important seminars, conventions, hard-earned vacations, and out-of-town family gatherings. No matter where you go, you’ll be worrying about your business.

Thankfully, the following technology makes it possible for you to leave those worries behind and enjoy a stress-free trip away from your business.

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DVR Surveillance Provides Access To Your Security System

If you’re worried about being able to monitor your security system while you’re away, having a security system connected to a DVR will bring you peace of mind.

When your camera system is connected to a DVR, you can access an admin panel over the internet on any device, and view live and recorded footage. If you see anything suspicious, you can call your staff or notify authorities right away.

Chat Apps Keep You In Touch With Your Staff

It’s normal for bosses to stay in touch with employees via text messages since that’s become the standard form of communication. However, some chat apps take it a step further and provide a way for you to make phone calls without using your minutes.

What’sApp is arguably the most popular mobile chat application and has stood the test of time. Purchased by Facebook for $19 billion, WhatsApp allows users to send instant messages and receive calls over Wi-Fi, bypassing the use of minutes and text messages. There’s also a group call feature, and you can transfer your conversations to your computer, so you can sit comfortably and type to your staff on a full-sized keyboard.

The biggest benefit this application offers is the ability to communicate overseas without being charged high rates or having to purchase a temporary device. If you’re going on vacation overseas, WhatsApp will keep you connected with your team as long as you have access to Wi-Fi.

Video Conferencing Puts You In Staff Meetings Virtually

Sometimes you need more than a text message or voice call to check in on your staff. With Zoom, you can connect with your staff through video conferencing and participate in staff meetings, so you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything.

Learn To Delegate Before You Make Plans To Leave

Technology will keep you connected to your staff and business, but you still need to make sure your staff knows how to manage the business while you’re away. This is done most effectively through delegation. Although many business owners tend to avoid delegation, it’s the key to your freedom.

Delegation is a skill that gives you more than a worry-free vacation – it keeps your business running smoothly, whether you’re there or not.

Your most important task as a leader is to teach people how to think and ask the right questions so that the world doesn’t go to hell if you take a day off,says Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University. Pfeffer, like many business experts, agrees that insufficient delegation can cause people to take on the heavy workloads that make them feel indispensable.

Pfeffer explains that delegation is avoided for several reasons. Some people think it’s easier to do everything themselves, or they think their work is superior. That might be true to an extent, but sometimes producing deliverables quickly is more important than perfection.

By learning to delegate, you’ll free yourself up to explore business opportunities, attend industry seminars, and take that hard-earned vacation. Combined with the technology available to keep you in touch with your staff and business, your mind will be at ease, and your staff will appreciate your choice to trust them while you’re gone.

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