How Technology Is Making Homes More Secure

Home security has always been a major concern for people all around the world. According to statistic, a burglary takes place every 18 seconds in America. This adds up to about 200 burglaries every single hour. These can cause a loss of thousands not just to homeowners but also to industries (insurance companies), which is why we are all working towards making homes more safe and secure.

Gone are the days when one used to turn to locks and dogs for safety. This is the era of technology, which is helping homes get smart.

Security systems are extremely important in safeguarding our homes. A report by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology suggests that the chances of your home being attacked by a burglar increase by 60% if you do not have a security system installed. This shows just how important such a system is.

Technology has significantly changed the way we protect our homes. What was previously only possible in Sci-Fi movies is now moderately becoming part of our lives.

Technology has made our homes better and safer. Consider roof Insulation, it lets us save money and keeps our home temperature under control. Similarly, look at landscaping ideas that can add value to any house.

But, now coming back to security. Technology is playing a very important role in this regard as well. Let’s find out.

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Smart Cameras

With the development of technology, security cameras have become “smarter” than ever. They have been in existence for years, but they got smart only recently and can do a lot more than what a traditional camera does.

You can’t always keep an eye on things at home, so these smart security cameras promise to do the job on your behalf. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries happen during the daylight when you’re out working.

Smart cameras can help prevent such burglaries by sending you live-feed of your house and nudging you in case there is a potential risk.

Plus, they can also help find culprits by producing high-quality images that make it possible to find thieves even if they were successful in the attempt.

Smart Locks

Believe it or not, locks are getting smart as well. They use Bluetooth technology to detect your presence and can convert your phone into a lock key.

They do not only provide homeowners with the ease of a keyless entry but also provide an extra layer of security. Some of these locks come with additional features as well, such as fingerprint scans where only those authorized to enter can enter a room.

Moreover, such locks are also not easy to tamper with. If someone tries to break the lock, it automatically increases security and alerts homeowners about a potential break-in.

All in all, you need a complete home security system to make your homes safer. Just make sure to turn to a company that can safeguard you from all corners – doors, windows, roofs etc., as many thieves can also enter through windows and roofs.

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